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Bonsai plant, bonsai ornamental plant BONSAI PLANTS

Bonsai plant and decorative plant

Bonsai is a beautification form of trees used in horticultural practises by the people across the world. Though this world is believed to come from the Japanese world there is a school of thought that believes and stresses that the Bonsai terminology and tree came from the Chinese and was safely passed on to the Japanese people who cultivated and maintained Bonsai trees with superior and aesthetic horticulture. The Japanese, as many say, related the Bonsai trees with the Zen Buddhism. The artistic work on the Bonsai represented a popular form of meditation and expression of the spirit. These Bonsai trees have been appreciated and embraced by the westerners and have become the famous trees with them. These westerners hold competitions and events to appreciate, buy and sell Bonsai trees and to learn the new methods of art popular on the Bonsai trees. They have loved the Bonsai trees and taken art and aestheticism close to their heart. read more....

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